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Unique colour based puzzler Watercolors returns! Start a fresh canvas in, ‘Watercolors: The Journey’

Poland – 2nd August, 2017 – Adonis Software is proud to announce that its follow up to the international smash hit app, ‘Watercolors’ is coming to Android for the first time as well as getting a major update on iOS! Watercolors: The Journey is an arty puzzle adventure in which gamers must guide Amelie on an epic journey from being an aspiring young artist to a master painter, discover challenging puzzles along the way in a world filled with colour!

Watercolors: The Journey for iOS update launches Thursday, 3rd August 2017 featuring a new level pack. The brand new Android version will feature all the new iOS content launching on 9th August, 2017. Both versions are free to download with IAP for hints and add on packs, Watercolors: The Journey proudly features no ads.

Experience the magical feeling of dragging and combining colours while keep your mind sharp as levels progress. Players must discover innovative strategies for completing each puzzle!

Watercolors: The Journey features: A unique experience! (REALLY!) - Colours have never been used quite like this in a game before! Contemporary graphics - clear, simple, yet visually engaging visuals will make gamers want to keep playing through puzzle after puzzle! Piano vibes - chillax to the soundtrack which will help gamers keep learning and playing at the same time! Never seen before features and unique puzzle mechanics! - Watch Amelie’s avatar during a level, her expressions will show if gamers are on the right track to solving a puzzle. Street Art or Art School? - Players get to decide Amelie’s story by making decisions on her journey.

Colour blind mode! - Oh, and no worries if you're colour blind. We've got that covered as well.

Watch the trailer for Watercolors: The Journey here.

Watercolors: The Journey is available for iOS devices here.

Watercolors: The Journey will be available for Android devices from Google Play Store on 9th August.

Press Contact: Sam Brace E: T: +44 (0) 7813988908

About Adonis Games WE DO ARTY GAMES! Adonis Games is a small indie team, an army of 2, our original title Watercolors has been downloaded more than 2 million times!

We are committed to showing that games can be a form of art, to creating state-of-the-art graphics, chill music and a seamless user experience. We stand for a high-end experience that will stimulate all your senses at once. We stand for clarity, simplicity and no ads!

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