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Epic community tournament: ‘Battle of the Rusty Barrels’ returns to Tanki Online!

AlternativaPlatform match up four teams of tankers in a live streamed tournament for a huge community-wide prize, taking place 18.00 BST this Friday, 5th September!

Perm, 2nd September, 2014 – AlternativaPlatform announces the return of one of Tanki Online’s most celebrated community events — ‘Rusty Barrels’ is back and will be streamed live at 18.00 BST, this Friday, 5th September! Rusty Barrels is a two vs. two style tournament in which four teams (including one from the dev studio) must battle it out to determine who is the best, for a huge prize that will be spread across the whole community… (As long as they back the winning team!).

Rusty Barrels Pic.jpg

A fierce competition within AlternativaPlatform has already taken place, and the most skilled Tanki players from an original starting lineup of 12 internal teams, are ready to challenge the greatest tankers the world has to offer! AlternativaPlatform’s champion team is made up of the Lead Game Designer of Tanki Online, Vladimir Kovtun, and his esteemed co-tanker, Valery Schumann, who works as German Community Manager.

These two fearsome players will now face three pairs of tankers drawn at random from each of the three major Tanki communities — English, Russian and German. Tankers brave enough to face this challenge have already registered their interest online and will now face a selection process to see who will have the honor of going to battle for the title.

The names of the competitors will be announced on Wednesday, 3rd September. Following this, two new paints will appear in the Tanki Online garage — one ‘for players’ and the other ‘for developers’. Fans will then be able to pick which team they want to support by choosing their respective paint. Each paint will cost 1000 crystals. The total number of crystals spent on these paints will form the prize pool, which will be split among those fans who picked the winning team’s paint!

In an extra huge Tanki bonus, the prize pool will be multiplied depending on the peak number of viewers tuning in to the Rusty Barrels live stream! The multiplier levels per peak viewership are as follows:

20 000 viewers — prize pool gets multiplied by 2 30 000 viewers — prize pool gets multiplied by 3 40 000 viewers — prize pool gets multiplied by 4 50 000 viewers — prize pool gets multiplied by 5

The Rusty Barrels tournament can be viewed LIVE from the following link at 18.00 BST on Friday, 5th September.


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About AlternativaPlatform: AlternativaPlatform with its headquarters in Perm was founded in 2006 and is one of Russia’s leading development studios in the area of massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) based on Adobe Flash Technologies. The company’s portfolio includes technology solutions such as its Flash-3D-Engine „Alternativa3D“, its 3D-Browser-Viewer „AlternativaPlayer“, its Interface-solution „AlternativaGUI“, the Flash-based physics engine „AlternativaPhysics“, high-performance server technology as well as its brower game „Tanki Online“. The free to play 3D tank action game has been honored with several awards, such as the award to “best technology” at the Russian developer conference KRI in 2009 or the 2013 “Runet Price” by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. Since its Russian launch in 2009, “Tanki Online” has gathered over 41 million registered users worldwide. For further information about AlternativaPlatform and „Tanki Online“, please visit and

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