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“Wishing you a very Mirai Christmas and a Happy New Year”

It’s that time of year once again, a time for giving, cold weather snapping at your nose (unless of course you’re in Australia!), and a time preceding the roll over into a brand new year. Fear not, as Marvelous Games will be accompanying you throughout the merry month of December, giving you plenty of opportunities to line your stockings with fantastic physical and digital magic this Christmas!

Our Community is so important to us, we want to personally thank each of you for all the love and dedication you have shown us throughout 2015 - from our first step into the physical market with SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson, right through to the announcement of our next project Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel & looking beyond to next year’s launch of SENRAN KAGURA: ESTIVAL VERSUS for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita, we couldn’t have done it without you, and we want to give a little something back to show how appreciative we are of your ongoing support.

Throughout the month of December, join us on our Twitter and Facebook pages where we will be hosting a daily Advent Calendar event featuring prizes, giveaways and competitions right through to, and including Christmas Day! These prizes will range from digital downloads, free copies of our games and for those even luckier, physical prizes shipped straight to your front door! So come on down, and spread that festive feeling with your pals at Marvelous Europe.

And if that isn’t enough, along with the aforementioned Advent Calendar we are also featuring a multitude of sales on our various products throughout the seasonal period on a variety of different platforms!

All the details below:

Alphadia Genesis - 70% OFF NOW!

Alphadia Genesis is an RPG from acclaimed developers KEMCO released on Steam. The story chronicles an epic adventure with Fray and his investigative team from the Archleign Kingdom as they set out to solve a mysterious murder case in a nearby city. The rich characters and engrossing plot are perfect for those looking for immersive, narrative driven gameplay, and the 16-bit style bears resemblance to classic RPGs of the ‘90s. Graphically, the game displays both tradition and innovation, as the action shifts from 2D to 3D during its tactical turn based battle sequences.


Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven - 30% OFF from 21st Dec to the 6th January

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is a turn-based RPG from famed producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto that features a wide and expressive cast of characters. Play as innkeeper ‘Luchs’ who hasn’t been able to attract a single guest to his establishment since opening, leaving our hero no choice but to excavate and sell crystals from the surrounding area. During one such routine excavation, Luchs happens upon a beautiful maiden encased inside a massive crystal. Her abrupt awakening triggers a series of unexpected events that include foul fiends, astonishing abilities and miraculous mysteries!


SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (Physical) - 30% OFF from the 25th November

SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson is the latest Nintendo 3DS title in the infamous SENRAN KAGURA franchise. SK2 is a fast-paced beat-em up title featuring insane combo chains, a host of hot playable characters, hilarious cutscenes and an abundance of tantalising action! The game picks up directly where its Nintendo 3DS predecessor SENRAN KAGURA Burst left off, following the Hanzo & Hebijo Shinobi Academies as they battle for good and evil respectively. But the tyrannous tycoon behind the Hebijo Academy is hell-bent on raining terror across all of Japan by utilising a destructive army of summoned demons! This great danger thrusts the girls together and forces them to unite and work as one in a way the series has never seen before!


SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS - 60% OFF on PlayStation®Store this Holiday!

Prepare for a busty brawler the likes of which the world has never seen. The buxom shinobi of the SENRAN KAGURA universe return in a 3D brawler that’s as over-the-top with its fighting mechanics as it is with its gratuitous depictions of female ninja in various forms of undress, indicating damage through clothing destruction. SHINOVI VERSUS tells the story of a grand clash among four rival ninja schools from each of their vantage points.

Wrap up warm this Christmas, allow us to be by your side throughout the break and into the New Year. We hope you have a wonderful time and please do join us again next year for an even more hectic schedule, with even more Marvelous games than ever before!


Press Contact Sam Brace Email: Phone: +44 (0) 7813988908

About Marvelous Europe Marvelous Europe is a subsidiary of Marvelous, Inc. of Japan – which is a Japanese all-round entertainment company that produces online games, console games, amusement/arcade games, audio and visual software as well as stage musical productions.

Marvelous Europe is dedicated to bringing the best Japanese games to the west, and also partners with mobile and social game developers around the world. Recent successes include the SENRAN KAGURA series, Rune Factory 4 on the Nintendo 3DS and the multi-million downloaded mobile titles Touch Racing 2 and RunBot.

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