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Re-designed and re-booted, Mazecraft re-launches on iOS and comes to Android today!

Build mazes for your friends and watch them fail in your traps!

London, UK - 21st January 2021 - ShareMob today announce the re-release of cult classic mobile game ’Mazecraft’ for iOS and Android, with updated graphics, controls, and a host of new features launching today!

Mazecraft originally released more than 5 years ago and quickly captured a dedicated audience of around half a million players, but inexperience meant server costs spiraled out of control, and the team had to take the game down.

After years of fans asking to bring it back, and specifically, to release it on Android, Sharemob has lovingly recreated the back-end in a way that will scale with negligible cost. The team is finally ready to bring players back in and welcome new gamers from the Android platform as well! Mazecraft has been in soft launch since the end of 2020 and moves to full launch globally from today.

Peter Worth creator of Mazecraft commented"We're so pleased to get our old favourite back on the App Stores! We've fundamentally improved every aspect of the game from graphics to structure and everything in between. We have tons more updates and content planned over the next year, with improvements to the game design and lots of exciting new content/themes."

About Mazecraft Play countless mazes stocked with fun obstacles and deadly surprises. Users can design and build their own unique mazes and invite friends to try and solve them, watch replays of their visits, collect their lost gold and use it to level-up!

Players will lead victims astray with signposts, confound them with locked doors and riddles, and taunt them with abusive owls... Meet a multitude of creatures; from the monstrous Minotaur and the deadly Hunter to the helpful Sage and mischievous Pink Rabbit. Infinite possibilities and interactions await!

Collect prizes, level-up, and unlock new features while dressing in the finest costumes. Want to be a Pirate Samurai? A Robot Dog? An I.T. Administrative Assistant? It’s all there.

Sharemob is throwing down the gauntlet to all puzzle fans everywhere asking them if they can build a maze no one can solve!

Can they build the ultimate maze to top the global charts? A world of mazes awaits in Mazecraft.

Mazecraft features: * Build mazes filled with dozens of items, traps, and creatures * Share creations with the world * Watch replays of friends trying to solve your mazes * Play thousands of other mazes * Level up and unlock new costumes * Collect hundreds of prizes * Push a rabbit down a hole


Press Contact: Decibel-PR

About ShareMob ShareMob make apps that are inherently shareable, hence the name... Iain and Peter have been developing My Talking Pet very successfully since 2015 and are now expanding the team to create new and ever more shareable digital experiences.


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