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New Loop8: Summer of Gods "Locales Trailer" & interview with Yuri Shibamura drops today!

In an alternate reality of 1980s Japan, Nini's adventures in Loop8: Summer of Gods take place in the beautiful coastal village of Ashihara. Relax at some of the beautiful vistas in our "Locales Trailer", set to "Love's Sweet Sorrow" a track from the game's soundtrack by composer, Noriyuki Iwadare.

Read more about the creation of Ashihara in our interview with the game's designer and scenario writer, Yuri Shibamura on the Marvelous Europe blog here.

Loop8: Summer of Gods will launch for Switch, PS4, XBOX One and PC via Steam on 6th June 2023.

Assets can be found on Dropbox here.

To request an EU/ANZ Switch, PS4, Xbox One or PC key for press only, click here.



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