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Calling All Rangers! Rune Factory 5 ventures onto Steam Today

Calling All Rangers! Rune Factory 5 ventures onto Steam Today

Join SEED and Uncover the Mysteries of the Frontier While Finding a New Home and Family in the Town of Rigbarth

London, United Kingdom – July 13, 2022 – Marvelous Europe is pleased to announce that Rune Factory 5 is now available on Windows PC via Steam featuring visual updates and new customization options, as well as dual-audio support for both English and Japanese voice tracks.

The farming/life sim RPG title is available as a standard edition for €59.99/£49.99 and a ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’, featuring 13 exclusive outfits inspired by marriage candidates from Rune Factory 4, for €69.99/£59.99, with a 10% launch week discount on both ending July 20. Additional DLC content, including costumes and in-game items, is also now available with pricing ranging from €1.99 - €4.99/£1.69 - £4.29.

The farming/life sim RPG title delivers a full 3D adventure that has players exploring treacherous dungeons and battling dangerous foes to unravel a mystery threatening their adopted home of Rigbarth. In between each day’s adventure, they’ll grow crops, participate in local festivals, and build friendships with a lovable cast of townsfolk. Rune Factory 5 includes features new to the series such as link attacks, co-op cooking, and same-sex marriage.

Additionally, if players own Rune Factory 4 Special on Steam, fan-favorites Doug and Margaret will take up residence in Rigbarth’s Blue Moon Inn. Each character will offer their own requests on the task board, with the successful completion rewarding players with the outfits for Lest and Frey, the protagonists of Rune Factory 4. Doug and Margaret are fully integrated into the world of Rune Factory 5, and while neither are eligible for marriage, they will be found around town and can join the protagonist’s party before adventuring!

About Rune Factory 5 In the sleepy border town of Rigbarth, a shift is happening. Mysterious events are unfolding, affecting the runes that govern the balance between humanity and nature…

As the newest ranger for the peacekeeping organisation, SEED, protect the frontier town by rounding up rowdy monsters with your official SEED-issued spell seal. When not on a mission, work with the people of Rigbarth to help the town flourish through farming, festivals and friendships!

As the balance of peace begins to shift, however, it comes time to prove yourself. Team up with townsfolk and embark on a grand adventure to unravel the mystery befalling the land, embracing your inner-power to halt the descent into chaos.

Key Features: Fast-paced action RPG combat: Venture into the vast, vibrant wilderness with friends from Rigbarth by your side to unlock powerful and stylish link attacks that encourage teamwork and strategy. Forge friendships and find love: Forge friendships, fall in love and even marry the townsfolk who live and work alongside you in Rigbarth, including same-sex marriage for the first time in the series. Relaxing life simulation gameplay: Take time out of your adventure to enjoy the gentler pace of town life. Compete in cooking, crafting, and fishing contests or invite your sweetheart to join you for stargazing during one of Rigbarth’s many seasonal festivals. Fantasy farming taken to new heights: Grow a wide variety of crops in the field or on a dragon’s back and tame monsters to serve as your helpful farmhands.

Developed by Marvelous Inc., Rune Factory 5 is now available via Windows PC via Steam. The Nintendo Switch™ version was released in Europe and Australia on March 25th, 2022. The game is rated PEGI 12, USK 6 and M in Australia.

For more information about Rune Factory 5, follow the Rune Factory social media accounts on Twitter @RuneFactory_EU or visit the official site at RuneFactory.Games/RF5.

Fans can also follow Marvelous Europe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or go to the website for more information:


Press Contact: Decibel-PR

About Marvelous Europe Founded in April 2012, Marvelous Europe Limited is the European arm of Marvelous Inc. a publicly listed entertainment company based in Tokyo. Marvelous is both a game developer and publisher having released popular PC and console titles including Story of Seasons and Rune Factory, in addition to third-party acquisitions such as Granblue Fantasy Versus and Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin.

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