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King Of Party - Out Today!

King Of Party is out today and you can download it for FREE from the App Store and Google Play.

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Press release follows -



Valencia, 24th October, 2013 - Spanish developer Codigames officially announced the release of their fourth title for iOS and Android devices today. ‘King Of Party’, is a revolutionary multiplayer, multiplatform social videogame for mobile phones.

In ‘King Of Party’, up to four players must compete against friends and other gamers from across the world in six mini games to find out who the true worldwide King Of Party really is! Gamers can play cross platforms so if they have friends with different brand iOS and Android devices, they can still all play against each other!

‘King Of Party’ is FREE to download with players able to purchase new mini games as they are added over the coming months.

Codigames have taken their inspiration for this title from classic games like Mario Party, King Of Party comes with the added advantage of utilising new technology that is naturally included in current day mobile devices. The six mini games feature:

  • Skate Run - swipe your way out of trouble in a head to head Skateboard race.

  • Fitness - tap your way to fitness against the clock in a gym style weight lifting challenge.

  • Balance - use your device tilt functionality to keep upright for as long as possible on insanely tall poles.

  • Skipping Rope - jump rope in a skipping challenge and see if you can out jump your friends.

  • Classroom - beat classmates to the punch in a fun classroom number challenge.

  • Factory - explode bombs on a conveyer belt in a factory before they blow up in your face.

Gamers can also customise their character with thousands of possible combinations of apparel, from shoes, t-shirts and trousers through to crazy hairstyles and even zombie heads! More are unlocked as players progress, and much more will be implementing after the game is released.

The main objective in ‘King Of Party’ is to show the rest of the world who the most skilled player is, to climb to the top of the international rankings and become the true King of your neighbourhood, country and even the world!

“As a result of the experience we’ve gained developing our three previous titles and after many months of hard work, we believe that King of Party represents a ‘before and after’ in the development of social games” commented Fran Martínez, CEO of Codigames. “We’ve taken a huge step forward interconnecting as many players as possible and doing everything we can to ensure our videogames are accessible everywhere and on any device”.

‘King Of Party’ features:

  • FREE to download

  • Six mini games

  • Character customisability

  • Four players online play

  • Cross platform multiplayer capability

  • International leader boards

King Of Party releases today, Thursday 24th October as a free download on the App Store and on Google Play, links below -

Google Play -

King Of Party

Be a legend. Be the King!

-- Ends --

About Codigames:

Codigames is an independent game development startup creating social real-time multiplayer games for mobile devices aimed at all audiences. Codigames began in March, 2013 as two young Spanish people whose initial goal was to make their greatest passion a reality, and today they are achieving just that. Codigames currently have a team of five people on board and fully expect to finish the year with at least twice that number. Their philosophy is to create exceptional gaming experiences, to delight players and to break existing conventions in the social genre.

Codigames believe that social games should be evolving in to new and uncharted areas of gameplay not just clones of other successful titles already on the market. Codigames look forward to bringing ever more innovatove and playable games to market. Find them online:

About Decibel-PR:

Decibel-PR are a full service PR agency who specialise in Digital Entertainment, specifically videogames and apps. With over 14 years experience working in-house for AAA publishers such as Capcom, Konami, Bethesda, Codemasters and THQ, and with PR agencies such as Rocket-Media, Lunch PR, Weber Shandwick, Golin Harris, Atomic PR and Peppermint P, Decibel-PR know Games PR inside out.

Decibel-PR are currently working with a number of independent development studios, marketing agencies and consulting within the music industry on the creation and promotion of music apps. Find them online:

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