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Samorost 3

This is the most exciting trailer we have seen for a very long time. And it's not even very exciting on the surface, but we love Amanita Design and we love all the games they have ever released. This trailer is more exciting to us than GTAV, PS4 and Xbox One rolled togther and served up on fois gras covered toast. We cannot wait for this, but why does it have to be out in 2015? Too far away! Please do make a Machinarium 2 as well Amanita, that would make us very happy indeed.

Amanita on Samorost 3 - "One day, the little space gnome will find a strange flute (magical, of course) which fell down from the sky, and with its help, he’ll be able to build a new spaceship, explore five different planets and four moons, solve many mysteries and also find out where the flute came from."

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