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Tanki Online Storms Gamescom!

Tanki Online’s community unite online and at the world’s biggest festival of gaming to celebrate Gamescom, and new ‘Tanki Online Unity’!

Perm, 22nd August, 2014 – AlternativaPlatform and its hugely successful tank-action browser phenomenon ‘Tanki Online’, had a fantastic five days last week at the biggest games show in the world, Gamescom. Fans packed out the Tanki booth on every available day of the show, competing for prizes and joining friends and family in a huge celebration of all things Tanki!

More than 2500 gamers played Tanki Online at the show, each leaving with a badge and a lottery ticket, with four lucky winners going home with an iPad Air! Every two hours, tournaments were held to find out who was the top ‘tanker’ at the booth at that time. Tournaments were characterised by intense battles, every player desperate to prove themselves the best, and some battles going down to the last second! All tournament participants left the booth with T-shirts, while fifteen of the very best players were awarded special game packs that included branded keyboards, headsets and mice.

Players who didn’t manage to make it all the way to Gamescom were also given a chance to be in on the action. AlternativaPlatform introduced a brand new in-game map called “Cologne”, launched specifically for Gamescom. For the entire period of the show, gold box bonuses were doubled and billboards on all maps were temporarily redesigned to feature Gamescom branding. Over 95,000 gold boxes were collected during the event! Fans were also offered 25% off micro-upgrades and speed-ups for the duration of the show.

Unity The new version of Tanki Online, currently under development for the ‘Unity Engine’, was shown behind closed doors to journalists for the first time at this year’s Gamescom. ‘Tanki Online Unity’ features a revised and hugely enhanced graphical style; Tanki is now HD and features brand new animations for weapons, and for using supplies. The new version will also feature a completely reworked interface and lobby, making it more user friendly than ever before.

AlternativaPlatform want to retain the same ‘feel’ of gameplay in Tanki Online Unity as is featured in the original game. The team is working very hard to achieve this, as they recognise that it is this very element that gamers love, and that has helped make Tanki Online the phenomenal success it is today.

Unity technology will enable AlternativaPlatform to bring Tanki Online to new platforms, initially including mobile devices and Facebook, but with many more to follow. The goal is to make Tanki Online a truly multiplatform experience, where an iPad user can do battle with a PC browser player, or even switch from one device to another and continue the same battle seamlessly. The Unity version of Tanki Online is set for release in 2015.


Our Tanki Online press pack featuring Unity engine assets and Gamescom Tanki Booth pics is available here -

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About AlternativaPlatform:

AlternativaPlatform with its headquarters in Perm was founded in 2006 and is one of Russia’s leading development studios in the area of massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) based on Adobe Flash Technologies. The company’s portfolio includes technology solutions such as its Flash-3D-Engine „Alternativa3D“, its 3D-Browser-Viewer „AlternativaPlayer“, its Interface-solution „AlternativaGUI“, the Flash-based physics engine „AlternativaPhysics“, high-performance server technology as well as its brower game „Tanki Online“. The free to play 3D tank action game has been honored with several awards, such as the award to “best technology” at the Russian developer conference KRI in 2009 or the 2013 “Runet Price” by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. Since its Russian launch in 2009, “Tanki Online” has gathered over 41 million registered users worldwide. For further information about AlternativaPlatform and „Tanki Online“, please visit and

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