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Total Immersion Virtual Reality without the nausea is here at last! Take a spin on Roto

London UK – 26th February, 2015

Industry veteran entrepreneur, Elliott Myers, responsible for past successes such as Gamester and Gametrak, is at it again. Meet ‘Roto’, the first motorised Virtual Reality platform. Roto addresses the fundamental factors that contribute to VR nausea and also enables gamers to turn around as much as they like without ever having to worry about wire tangle.

Roto is also unique in that it tracks which direction the user is facing, which coupled with ‘looking’, ‘leaning’ and ‘aiming’ offers a complete and intuitive solution to the VR experience.

Tracking where the user is facing is also a huge development for VR movies, especially when combined with Roto’s in-built motor. Now movie directors and games developers can physically turn the user to face the action whenever and wherever they choose. This also resolves the timeless challenge of trying to control the users view without breaking the illusion or inducing nausea.

Added to all this, Roto offers a deeper sense of immersion than ever before, thanks to it’s small centrifugal forces translating the users’ physical mass from the real world into the virtual world. It needs to be experienced!

Roto is compatible with all current (and future) VR headsets, and all features combined, Roto is the most immersive, natural and comprehensive Virtual Reality platform ever developed.

“We’re so excited by the potential of the technology in our new device,” commented Elliott Myers founder of Roto. “We know we have something really unique on offer here which could revolutionise the Virtual Reality industry and open it up to users and businesses alike on a much wider scale than anything yet seen. Roto is comfortable, safe and fun.”

Roto can be controlled and interacted with in a variety of ways including:

• A base for feet with two pedals enabling users to turn, walk, run or strafe among other options.

• An optional desk which can carry a keyboard and mouse, steering wheel, joystick, haptic controller etc

• Users are also able to mount a touch-screen tablet onto the desk, ideal for app swapping

• Ability to add the DK2 camera onto the rotating platform for optimal tracking

Note: The chair that comes Roto is interchangeable; users can choose a style that suits their space, or even add their own swivel chair. The Roto platform is also very small / compact (10cm tall x 65cm diameter), in fact it's the same size as a normal swivel-chair base.

Roto is still in development but the team have fully working prototypes ready for demonstration, a kickstarter campaign is planned to help final stages of production kicking off at Rezzed 2015 on 12th March.

See Roto in action at Rezzed 2015. To make an appointment for a demo, please contact Sam Brace at Decibel-PR.

Press assets for Roto can be found here: Roto asset pack

A YouTube trailer for Roto can be found here: Roto on YouTube


Press Contact:

Sam Brace



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On Twitter: @roto_vr

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