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Ticklefluff launches on the AppStore today!

Ticklefluff is out today for iOS devices, use the reaction cam and post your performance to FB etc, or play multiplayer against your pals, whatever you do, keep Ticklefluff happy or else she'll be sad. And that would never do.

Let me know if you need a code,


New app from multi million selling indie dev,

‘Ticklefluff’ teases its way onto the App Store today!

London UK – 26th March, 2015 – Brand new indie studio ‘HyperLiger’ releases debut title, ’Ticklefluff’ for iOS touch devices on the App Store tpday, 26th March, 2015 for £0.69, €0.99 and $0.99.

Ticklefluff is an ‘infinite teaser’ app which invites players to tickle, stroke, poke, squeeze, blow, shake and hi-five Ticklefluff in time to an ever quickening dance beat. Peter Worth, lead developer at HyperLiger is the co-creator of ‘My Talking Pet’ which released last year on the App Store and has become a multi million download sensation after being featured on the ‘Ellen’ show in USA. Ticklefluff is the first app from his own brand new studio, HyperLiger.

“Ticklefluff is a really fun and infectious little app and we hope casual gamers will enjoy playing with it all over the world,” commented Peter Worth, lead developer at HyperLiger. “Ticklefluff is just the first step on the road for our new studio and is the prelude of much bigger things to come.”

Ticklefluff features:

• ‘Infinite Teaser’ game mechanic

• Tickle, stroke, poke, squeeze, blow, shake and hi-five Ticklefluff in time to the beat

• Infinite multiplayer party mode

• Reaction cam captures players faces while playing with options to share on their favourite social network

• Infectious gameplay

• Fun visuals

• Awesome sound track

We will have more news on HyperLiger’s first full game soon. Ticklefluff launches on the App Store 26th March 2015.


Ticklefluff press assets are available from here – Ticklefluff dropbox

Ticklefluff YouTube trailer is available here – Ticklefluff on YouTube

Press Contact:

Sam Brace

T: +44 (0) 7813988908

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