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Corpse Party: Blood Drive - Update 1 - Gameplay Trailer, Pin-jack Mascot Heads and More!

Corpse Party: Blood Drive - UPDATE 1

Welcome to our first Update for Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Pull up a pew, get comfy and prepare yourself for some information overload right here!

To kick things off, I’m sure you heard about our Heavenly Host Edition that we recently revealed for Corpse Party: Blood Drive, containing the Everafter Edition as well as Two Pin-Jack Figurines of Ayumi and Yuka! What’s special about these figurines is, in true Corpse Party manner, you can decapitate them and place their severed heads into a 3.55mm jack port (hence the name) to be adorned as a trophy! Here’s a picture of such a thing!

As mentioned on the press release, anyone who has ordered the Everafter Edition before the announcement will receive a free upgrade to the Heavenly Host Edition, and you don’t need to do a single thing for this to happen. It’s also worth mentioning that your order won’t change on the store, or your account, although don’t panic as we’ve exported a list of all people who meet the upgrade requirements (All Everafter orders before 11am on the 8th September). So without further ado let's jump head first into some brand new information!

One of the big pieces of our Special Edition is the “Dying Art Grimoire,” the front cover of which is themed after the Book of Shadows present in the Corpse Party series. This Art Book is to have a total of 110 pages, perfect style-binding (if you know your books, you will understand that), will measure in at 7.25 inches wide by 5.25 inches tall (opening sideways), and features a soft cover embossed on the front. Phew! That was a heck of a sentence! Here’s a sneak preview mash-up of some of the art you will find hidden within! We don’t want to spoil too much!

Moving onto the second part of our special edition is the glorious and oh-so-spooky Soundtrack titled “Corpse Party: Songs of the Dead”! This soundtrack contains a total of 76 tracks spanning from previous Corpse Party games, right through to Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Fantastic artwork adorns the cover of this OST and below you can find the listing of all the tracks that are featured:

Finally, in order to whet your appetite for Corpse Party: Blood Drive even further, we recently captured this 18 minute long consecutive footage of gameplay located very early in the game. It shows some basic mechanics, the atmosphere and tone of the game, along with the narrative progression that is present within the game, we hope you enjoy!

And with that, I’m afraid we must draw UPDATE 1 to a close, but don’t fret! We’ve already got the wheels in motion for future news, so join us again soon for even more from Corpse Party: Blood Drive!

Until next time!

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