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Man O' War: Corsair - New Dev Diary Vlog, Screens, and more!

After an incredible reaction to Evil Twin Artwork’s, 'Man O’ War: Corsair' announcement, the team have sounded the Warhammer horn and opened a brand new forum where fans of the classic franchise can gather, talk about the game, provide feedback to the team and ultimately help shape development of this exciting new title! The new forum is available here.

Additionally, to help celebrate the opening of the forums, Evil Twin have posted their first Man O’ War: Corsair Dev Diary which will be the first in a series of Vlogs detailing gameplay elements and showcasing different stages of development.

New screens are also available below and at this dropbox.

Evil Twin have started social Pages for 'Man O’ War Corsair' on:

Follow us and get involved on a voyage of game development sized proportions!

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