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SENRAN KAGURA: ESTIVAL VERSUS Update 1 - Pillow cases, pillow cases, pillow cases...


“The Proof is in the Pillow”

And here we are, for the first of many Updates coming for SENRAN KAGURA: Estival Versus, aptly titled “The Proof is in the Pillow”. Obviously we’re quite a ways off right now! But nothing wrong with building up that hype train right?! And what a train it will be.

First off, you may have noticed some polls we were throwing around our social media, two specifically - one relating to the more familiar characters, and a second, relating to SK:EV characters. We’ve been very fortunate to work closely with the legendary producer, Takaki-san once again in order to create the ‘Ultimate SK Dakimakura’ case for our SENRAN KAGURA: Estival Versus Bahonkas Edition - we believe we’ve done just that, with your aid! Everyone’s votes have helped us solidify our original vision of the Dakimakura with even more clarity.

We are happy to confirm that the Dakimakura for SENRAN KAGURA: Estival Versus will not have one, nor two, but a total of three characters! In true SENRAN KAGURA rival fashion, one side will exhibit the regular pairing of the ever bosomy Katsuragi, and will find herself in the familiar company with the consistently stoical Hikage. On the reverse, fully representing the new title, Estival Versus, will be the fantastic drumming instrumentalist Renka with her landslide victory in the polls! It was always going to be a hard final choice, as there are so many great and worthy characters to choose from - but we are sure this marvelous threesome will be to your liking and a unique piece for every collector! We had always planned for a unique design that could really boost the already bursting SK:EV editions with even more SENRAN KAGURA righteousness.

Takaki-san has very much been a part of the whole process, driving for bigger and better - and so now, we’ve handed him a blank canvas onto which he will lay his masterwork, to create something truly awesome for us all. In due time, we’ll be sure to share the design with you in future project updates! In Takaki-san we trust!

Onto the actual Dakimakura case itself, we’ve been analysing lots of samples sent to us from various suppliers, scrutinising the print quality, the myriad textures on offer as well other variables such as weight, packaging and thickness.

After much discussion and deliberation we have finalised our choice of supplier as well as our fabric texture, which for those well-versed in Dakimakura lexicon will understand as ‘Peach Skin’. Obviously it’s impossible for us to generate a texture based panel on your monitor so you can feel this texture (*patents idea*), but it’s sure to be to your liking!

And that’s UPDATE 1 in a nutshell, we will have plenty more on the way soon, but we wanted to let you guys know the ins and outs of the Dakimakura details, we will share with you the design art as soon as possible, so please look forward to it!

Until next time!

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