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Angel’s Duel 2016 Announced for 12th March - Celebrating Examu Fighting Games!

London, UK (January 28th 2016) - Nth Gen Interactive is happy to announce Angel's Duel 2016. This tournament will be a single day event dedicated to Examu fighting games from Japan. The games being featured are 'Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!', 'Aquapazza Aqua Plus Dream Match' and 'Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel'. The event will take place on March 12th at the Bolney Meadow Community Centre in the heart of London, Vauxhall.

The team will also be hosting a 'bring your own console' section where attendees can bring their own consoles and play the games they want to play. Also we will be having a traditional NGI raffle including prizes from Marvelous Europe, Rice Digital and Mayamada.

Marvelous and Rice Digital/PQube will be in attendance to the event. Food will also be available at the venue.

What will be at Angel's Duel 2016:

LOW ENTRY COST TOURNAMENT: Only £2 entry for each game making it easier for people to enter and try out the tournament scene.

CASUAL GAMING ZONE: Casual playing area where you can play the games featured or what's in the bring your own console zone.

NGI STYLED RAFFLE: We will have our traditional raffle including prizes from Marvelous, Rice Digital, Mayamada and NGI.

BRING YOUR OWN CONSOLE ZONE: We will be providing monitors for attendees to bring consoles for games they would like to play. This space is open for any paying attendants to use.


Bolney Meadow Community Centre 31 Bolney Street London SW8 1EZ

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For further inquires and assets on this Press Release or our content please contact:

Benjamin Porteous-Heath, Co-Owner of Nth Gen Interactive

About Nth Gen Interactive: They are a group of gaming enthusiasts pushing to close the gap of publishing companies and the community through events, guides and streaming. They have a huge fighting game background but are pushing to expand the scene to be more general to include everyone.


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