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Cara Delevinge and Jennifer Anniston lighten the lockdown with My Talking Pet!

London, UK - 9th April 2020 - London based start-up, ShareMob are continuing to lighten everyone's lockdown with their hit app, My Talking Pet. Cara Delevinge and Jennifer Anniston are the latest in a long line of AAA celebs to endorse the app by posting videos of their much-loved pets online!

Cara Delevinge's doggie, Pluto has some wise words about lock-down from the "four-leggeds to the two-leggeds"...

While Jennifer Anniston is a little more feisty in a sweary message from her dog who is desperate for an end to self-quarantine so he can go back to doing what he does best... (don't play this without earphones if you have children close by!).

About My Talking Pet My Talking Pet has reached No. 1 in the Entertainment App Charts in numerous territories including US, UK and most of the EU. It has been downloaded millions of times and is enjoyed by pet lovers, (whether they’re A-list celebs or more down to earth animal fans), across the world.

“The key to My Talking Pet’s success is its simplicity and usability,” said Iain Baird, co-creator of My Talking Pet and CEO of ShareMob. “We're really pleased to see the app is continuing to bring fun and escape to people lives, especially at this difficult time.”

My Talking Pet is available for iOS and Android devices at the below stores:

My Talking Pet on Apple App Store.

My Talking Pet on Google Play Store.

Some further My Talking Pet fun being had by Halle Berry, Ellen Degeneres and many more can be seen in the YouTube video below.

Press Contact: Decibel-PR sam.brace (@)

About ShareMob ShareMob make apps which are inherently shareable, hence the name... Iain and Peter have been developing My Talking Pet very successfully since 2015 and are now expanding the team to create new and ever more shareable digital pet based experiences.

Find #MyTalkingPet on social media at the below links: Twitter Instagram Facebook


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