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Start your delicious dungeon-delving journey with Cuisineer today

Start your delicious dungeon-delving journey with Cuisineer today

Standard and Digital Deluxe editions available now on Steam with a 10% Discount

London, U.K. – 9 November 2023 – Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games are pleased to announce that Cuisineer, the food-focused action roguelite developed by BattleBrew Productions, is now available worldwide on Windows PC via Steam.

For the week of launch, a 10% discount will be available on purchase of either the standard edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition which, in addition to the full game, also contains a Digital Artbook giving players a comprehensive look at the art and design of Cuisineer and the Digital Soundtrack featuring a full hour of cute and funky bops to live, love and eat to. Alternatively, the Digital Artbook and Digital Soundtrack are also available for purchase separately.

One day, Pom returns to her hometown of Paell to see her parents only to find their restaurant closed for business and deep in debt. Now, she must re-open the restaurant and make it thrive. To collect ingredients from the land, Pom pursues adventure in the world outside Paell, wielding her cooking utensils against giant chickens, artillery shrimps, fire-breathing peppers, and other pesky perils, sipping boba tea along the way. Cook up a frenzy and grow the derelict eatery into a sensational restaurant that will make Pom’s parents proud.

Key Features

Craft Your Own Delicious Culinary Experience - Cook over 100 different recipes from around the world, from crunchy Popiah rolls to rich Kaya jam, from double-fried crispy chicken with zesty lemon, to sweet treats piled high with berries. Get the right dishes to the right customers, and customize the kitchen and dining hall with the help of local artisans.

A Smorgasbord of Dungeons - Explore the Green Ruins, Frozen Fjord, Konpeito Swamps and other procedurally generated biomes that change their size, shape, and resources every time they are visited.

Master the Flavors of Fighting - Knock out monsters and rivals with Salty, Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Umami, Frosty and Toasty powers that unleash flame, poison, chain lightning and other fantastic effects. Fight with unique utensils and gourmet gear, like Spatula, Smackerel, Swordfish and Tenderiser!

Take Quests to Go - From Naicha the Bubble Tea seller to Alder the big friendly carpenter, Paell is full of sweet and spicy townsfolk to befriend. While dungeon diving, be on the lookout for items the townsfolk need and be rewarded with gold, new items, and even more recipes to take your cooking and adventuring to new heights.

Developed by BattleBrew Productions and co-published globally on Windows PC via Steam by Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games, Cuisineer is out now for Windows PC via Steam for an RRP of €24.99/$24.99 for the standard edition and €39.57/$39.57 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. To keep up to date with the latest on Pom please visit the official Cuisineer Twitter channel or wishlist the title on Steam.

For more information regarding Marvelous Europe, please visit the official website, or follow @MarvelousEurope on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.


Press Contact Europe and Australia: Decibel-PR [for Marvelous Europe]

Press Contact North America: ONE PR Studio [for XSEED Games/Marvelous USA, Inc.]

About Marvelous Europe Marvelous Europe is the publisher behind Mandragora, Leximan and Cuisineer, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marvelous Inc., developer of beloved Story of Seasons and Rune Factory series.

Established in 2012, Marvelous Europe is passionate about helping games to reach a global audience while nurturing emerging developers and studios. With decades of experience and strong ties to the worldwide indie game dev community, the highly skilled European team is committed to supporting studios worldwide find success, while continuing to publish and distribute select Marvelous Inc. content.

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