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Grab Your Spatula and Go Dungeon-delving with Cuisineer’s Upcoming Steam Next Fest Demo

Grab Your Spatula and Go Dungeon-delving with Cuisineer’s Upcoming Steam Next Fest Demo

Sneak a peek at Cuisineer’s Smorgasbord of Dungeons in Latest Video

Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games, the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today confirmed that Cuisineer, the upcoming food-focused action roguelite, will be participating in Steam Next Fest, from June 19-26, with a brand-new demo.

On today’s menu: The diverse biomes Pom, Cuisineer’s young adventurer turned restauranteur, will explore and battle through as they gather the ingredients needed to cook up delicious meals. From marshy swamplands to icy caves, Pom will need to scour four diverse biomes on her quest for the finest ingredients in the land. Each adventure will pose unique challenges and rewards, with procedural generation creating new layouts, enemy camps, and ingredients native to the respective biomes for players to explore.

One day, Pom returns to her hometown of Paell to see her parents only to find their restaurant closed for business and deep in debt. Now, she must re-open the restaurant and make it thrive. To collect ingredients from the land Pom pursues adventure in the world outside Paell, wielding her cooking utensils against giant chickens, artillery shrimps, fire-breathing peppers, and other pesky perils, sipping boba tea along the way. Cook up a frenzy and grow the derelict eatery into a sensational restaurant that will make Pom’s parents proud.

Developed by BattleBrew Productions and co-published globally on Windows PC via Steam by Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games, Cuisineer will be released in summer 2023. This title has not been age rated.

For more information regarding Marvelous Europe, please visit the official website, or follow @MarvelousEurope on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

More information about XSEED Games’ products can be found at Fans can also follow XSEED Games on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, or join the discussion on their Discord server at:


Press Contact Europe and Australia: Decibel-PR [for Marvelous Europe]

Press Contact North America: ONE PR Studio [for XSEED Games/Marvelous USA, Inc.]

About BattleBrew Productions BattleBrew Productions is a feisty crew of creators and crafters working on the next generation of games in the sunny island of Singapore. Founded in 2017, they develop and publish the popular BattleSky Brigade series on Google Play for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad platforms.

About Marvelous Europe Marvelous Europe is the publisher behind Mandragora, Nova Antarctica and Ninja or Die, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marvelous Inc., developer of the beloved Story of Seasons (known as Harvest Moon prior to 2013) and Rune Factory series. Established in 2012, Marvelous Europe is passionate about helping games to reach a global audience while nurturing emerging developers and studios. With decades of experience and strong ties to the worldwide indie game dev community, the highly skilled European team is committed to supporting studios worldwide find success, while continuing to publish and distribute select Marvelous Inc. content.

For more information about Marvelous Europe, please visit

About XSEED Games XSEED Games is the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvelous Inc., which is a publicly traded company listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Formed in 2004 and located in Torrance, California, XSEED Games publishes interactive entertainment content for PC and consoles from the Marvelous portfolio as well as from a variety of third-party partners and independent developers. The company’s portfolio of published games and series’ include STORY OF SEASONS (Bokujo Monogatari), SENRAN KAGURA, and Rune Factory, No More Heroes, Corpse Party, AKIBA’S TRIP, and Granblue Fantasy: Versus; along with titles from independent developers including Potionomics and Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories.

XSEED Games has grown its reputation among global gamers with its critically acclaimed localizations and commitment to fans, remaining ever dedicated to its “indie spirit, player-first” approach for quality games.


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