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Playable demo for Ninja or Die available now via Steam Next Fest!

Marvelous Europe is excited to confirm a playable demo for Ninja or Die, the ultrafast Roguelite from Nao Games, is now available to download as part of Steam Next Fest. Find the demo on Steam here.

Ninja or Die is one of the titles selected by Marvelous Inc. for the first round of their indie Game incubator program (iGi). Developed by Nao Games, a one-man team based in Japan, and published globally by Marvelous Europe, Ninja or Die will release on PC via Steam in 2023.

Watch the Ninja or Die trailer on YouTube here

Find Ninja or Die assets on Dropbox here

Ninja or Die is a killer fusion of brutal challenge and elegant simplicity, combining extreme speed with a unique control scheme. Players will unleash the power and speed of the Ninja in an ultrafast Roguelite that will leave them dead and wanting more.

Ninja or Die will be available on Windows PC via Steam in 2023 and more information can be found on the official page. To be kept up to date with Ninja or Die news please wishlist the title on Steam.

For more information regarding Marvelous Europe, please visit the official website here, or follow via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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