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Celebrate International Octopus Day with 'Takoway' the adorable new Octo-puzzler, for iOS an

Inspired by the ‘Necker Cube’ optical illusion, players must guide ‘Takoway’ the Hexapus on a quest for freedom and belonging through multi dimensional puzzles in this brand new puzzle game app.

UK, London - 8th October, 2019 - Singapore based indie dev studio Hexagoon and publisher Daylight Studios launched, Takoway, a ‘Necker Cube’ optical illusion inspired puzzle game for mobile devices on iOS and Android last week for £2.99 / $2.99 / €3.49 just in time for International Octopus Day which takes place today!

Apple have already given us some incredible featuring love and we're at No.1 position in the Puzzle charts across multiple territories!

Takoway is a perspective based puzzle game that stars Tako the six legged Octopus, or ‘Hexapus’ to be precise… Tako must journey through various lab based worlds where she will need to use different powers of perspective to solve each puzzle on a quest to escape captivity and find her place in the world. Alternate between perspectives while befriending eccentric sea creatures as they assist in manoeuvring through bizarre lab terrains.

Takoway was born out of a fascination with the Necker Cube optical illusion. After becoming obsessed with the idea of making a mobile puzzle game with the Necker illusion as a central theme, the team started to explore how puzzles could extend beyond a 3-D world but still exist within the 2-D space of a screen. After numerous concepts and iterations, they finally settled on the interior / exterior puzzle game mechanics on which Takoway runs.

“There are so many parallels in this game with our actual experience of life,” commented Hazzry, lead Designer at Hexagoon. “Hexagoon are a small team of outsiders sharing the common theme of being different. At one stage or other in our lives, each of us has felt a strong sense of not belonging and trying so hard to fit in that we lost our way. This central theme is evident in Takoway, Tako is searching for belonging in a hostile environment, and through the unusual creatures she meets, finds an unexpected sense of camaraderie... a bit like how the team at Hexagoon came together and bonded while making the game!”

Six tentacles, two worlds, one goal, Takoway features:

TWO-FOLD PUZZLES - Alternate between interior and exterior perspectives to solve handcrafted 3D puzzles, inspired by the Necker Cube illusion.

VIBRANT DUALITIES - Fully experience the game's duality through two variations of every in-game art.

CHARMING ADVENTURE - Uncover a tale of unlikely friendships and belonging as you venture through mind bending hazards in the various labs which stand between Tako and escape.

PARALLEL AUDIO - Immerse yourself in each chapter's dual-tracked music.

Pre-Order Takoway on iOS from the App Store here.

Pre-Order Takoway on Android from Google Play here.

Press Contact: Decibel-PR

About Daylight Studios Daylight Studios is a Singapore-based game development company founded in 2011, formed with a passion for innovation in game design. After producing and publishing games such as Reign of Heroes, Hisho Collection Mall Empire, Spirit Horizon, and Swords of Fate for mobile devices, Daylight Studios developed the wacky pop-culture filled series, Holy Potatoes! Three of the Holy Potatoes! titles are available across multiple platforms including the App Store as part of the Holy Potatoes! Another Bundle?!.

Takoway is the first major title that will be published by Daylight Studios, as part of their new Accelerator Program called DaylightX. DaylightX aims to use the studio’s expertise and experiences to mentor young local developers and help commercialise their ideas.

About Hexagoon Studios Hexagoon is a team of seven independent game developers that believe in dreaming hard, working harder and playing hardest. We strive to build a family of game developers that are not only passionate about making impactful games, but also about appreciating the little things in life.

We are driven by our mission of learning new things every day. We value discovery and gaining insights in what we do, and we aim to incorporate these insights into our games.

Takoway on Facebook: Takoway on Twitter: Takoway on Instagram: Takoway on Discord:


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