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The Last Alchemist demo, coming to Steam Next Fest from June 19

Master the mysteries and wonders of alchemy management in the upcoming The Last Alchemist demo, coming to Steam Next Fest

Marvelous Europe and Vile Monarch today announced that a demo for The Last Alchemist, the wondrous alchemy simulation game about the blazing pursuit of science and friendship, will be available in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, June 19-26.

Watch the latest trailer here:

Embrace your weird and wonderful role as The Last Alchemist in the world as you build your workshop from the ground up, practice alchemy by solving puzzles, befriend and understand the Agari folk, and roam a vibrant world packed with brilliant resources to bring home and make use of.

Explore colorful and enchanting landscapes rich in resources, secrets, peculiar plants, fungi and minerals and extract essences from each item you collect, fuse them together and obtain the Properties you need to discover the wonders of this charming world. Craft your alchemical laboratory and optimise production by working closely with the Agari, these cute but cryptic mushroom folk, that will help you find the cure for your mysterious disease.

The Last Alchemist launches on Windows PC via Steam in 2023. For more information head over to the Steam page.


About Vile Monarch The Monarch was born in May 2015 and instantly decided to take over the world with the tool he thought most fitting for the task – video games. These included games such as Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator, Weedcraft Inc, and Crush Your Enemies. All a little bit crazy, but with a LOT of personality. Vile Monarch's games have been released on nearly every modern platform, receiving praise both from players and reviewers. Vile's minions include ruffians partially responsible for such hits as The Witcher 3, Hard West, and Beat Cop. To make a long story short – Vile Monarch are just a bunch of hardcore game dev experts who know how to rock. Visit Vile Monarch at

About Marvelous Europe Marvelous Europe is the publisher behind Mandragora, Nova Antarctica and Ninja or Die, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marvelous Inc., developer of beloved Story of Seasons and Rune Factory series.

Established in 2012, Marvelous Europe is passionate about helping games to reach a global audience while nurturing emerging developers and studios. With decades of experience and strong ties to the worldwide indie game dev community, the highly skilled European team is committed to supporting studios worldwide find success, while continuing to publish and distribute select Marvelous Inc. content.

For more information about Marvelous Europe, please visit


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